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  • Fleming Controls and Power Specialties, Inc. provides expert knowledge and experience in all types of specialized power applications.  We offer solutions for the institutional, industrial and data center client.
Network and Security Services IP Surveillance Cameras:

What’s the difference in quality?

D1 (704x480) D1 (704x480) Default analog resolution of CCTV cameras. Acceptable detail and the optimal storage friendly solution.
HD 720 (1024x720) HD 720 (1024x720) Improved quality and clarity, allowing for more identifiable persons and objects.
Full HD (1920x1080) Full HD (1920x1080) Full pixel density and clarity, producing easily identifiable persons and objects.
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Gentry Public Schools featured in March News

March 25, 2014

March News recently featured a project for Gentry Public Schools completed by Fleming.

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How Does Retinal Scanning Work?

March 24, 2014
Developed in the 1980s, retinal scanning is one of the most well-known biometric technologies, but it is also one of the least deployed. Retinal scans map the unique patterns of a person’s retina. The...
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